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Everywhere I go agents and investors want to know the same thing… "What are your best lead sources?" My answer is always the same… LeadsLikeCandy.com consistently out-produces, out-performs, and costs less on a "$-per-listing" basis than any other fee-for-lead service out there! I list well over a house a week from this one source alone, and have actually listed as many as 23 homes in ONE MONTH all from this one source! Virtually all of my Coaching Clients use LeadsLikeCandy.com, and are at least as happy as I am with it! With LeadsLikeCandy.com, taking listings is actually EASIER than taking candy from a baby! Careful though… just like candy, LeadsLikeCandy.com is EXTREMELY addicting, and will "fatten" you (or at least your listing portfolio) up faster than you can imagine!

- Michael Hellickson      

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